-- 24" LCD HD-SDI Monitor JVC DT-V24L3DY
--This Waveform, 1080p, Color Correcting Monitor helps DPs get exactly what they want, keeps the crew on the same page, not to mention keeps the client flabbergasted at how good it looks.



  • Native 1920 x 1080 resolution 16:9 Flat Studio Monitor
  • Crystal clear 1920 x 1200 LCD panel provides uncompromised resolution, high contrast ratio with deep blacks and rich color
  • Status and metering displayed above or below the active picture area.
  • New low-latency circuits (<1 frame="" li="">
  • HD-SDI / SDI auto-sensing inputs with Time-Code Display
  • Waveform monitoring with over level function
  • Accepts 1080/24fps signals
  • Embedded Audio with up to 12 channel Audio Level Display
  • DVI-D (HDMI compatible) for HD-DVD / Blu-Ray Disc playback
  • 1:1 Scaling Mode for pixel-to-pixel 720p display
  • Supports wide range of HD and computer scan rates
  • Full screen mode for SD 4:3 signals
  • ASCII code input of monitor name

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