Web Video

Ninety Million Americans are on-line right now. Over a billion videos will be viewed...TODAY!

Online Video Advertising has steadily become a multi-billion dollar industry as online video viewership increases each day... each hour... each minute...

Since it's inception, TV advertising has been the most important mass media communicator ever devised, but overnight the internet has changed all that, online advertising has taken the world where TV has never even ventured!


  • Online Video Ads have a 65% general recall: TV Ads, 46%
  • Online Video Ads have 50% brand recall: TV Ads 28%
  • Online Video Ads message recall is 39%: TV Ads, 21%
  • Online Video Ads likability is 26%: TV Ads, 14%
    • the stats from Nielson ratings can be found here

TV brings your product into your customer's living room.
Online Video brings the brand into your customer's face, and Dependent Media can produce a web video that will tell your customer exactly what you want them to know the very moment they open your web page.

Dependent Media will:

  1. Concept and Write Your Video to your specifications.
  2. Provide on-air talent and voice-over talent for your video.
  3. Secure superior locations, or utilize your location for your video productions.
  4. Produce and direct your video utilizing our full-time, on-staff production crews.
  5. Edit your video with our in-house editing staff.
  6. Coordinate the placement of your new video to maximize exposure
  7. Including YouTube and other high visibility internet vehicles.
  8. Your future is calling. Contact Dependent Media today to get started.

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