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Send us details on your project and wish list and we will give you an accurate quote right away--shoot us an email, and shoot yourself some Epic. You can contact us for any reason, not just camera stuff. Do you need a friend, or just like to yell at people? You can call Jameson at 323-533-2639 24 hours a day. His email is (he'd rather be making a movie than sleeping anyway) -Josh



*Includes everything you NEED to shoot. This is basic, get the job done in 5K as cheaply as possible production. Popular for student films, low budget commercials, indie music videos, and very indie features -- the key is our inclusion


*The Epic-X is a professional camera. This package includes the support needed to reach that professional quality you've seen in features shot on RED. It includes essential extras like a 24" set monitor, follow focus, and mattebox. It's perfect for anyone looking for a great deal on Epic and accessories because they plan to rent high quality cine glass such as Zeiss or Cooke somewhere else.


*Combines the essentials extras in the Director's Package and 9 Nikon Nikkor Lenses. This ups the game for Indie Productions. Now you can comfortably shoot staring at a 24" 1080p monitor, while swapping filters in the mattebox, and smoothly pulling focus on our crisp Nikon Glass.